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A space to bring your full self into the creative work that you are passionate about

Connect with your creative flow in a supportive space to amplify your voice and overcome the hurdles that stifle your academic and creative progress without self-doubt, fear of judgment, and feeling isolated.

If you are an academic who sometimes struggles to get your thoughts on the page for whatever reason, want to gain momentum in your academic space, and enjoy the process without feeling judged or that you are not good enough, then you found the right place. But you also already know that this can be so much harder than it sounds. 

  • Sometimes fear kicks in, and we find that it is hard to make progress consistently. 
  • Sometimes, doubt kicks in, and we question if we are even the ones to do this work. 
  • Sometimes, we feel so disconnected from the work that we’ve lost all passion and excitement. 
  • Sometimes, we don’t consider ourselves worthy, smart, creative, or fill-in-the-blank and have a hard time accepting those labels. 
  • Sometimes, seeing others highlight reels and success stories makes us feel disappointed in our progress and abilities and like we are behind everyone else and playing catch-up.

So, if this community resonates with you, then I’d love for you to join us. Just hit the join button, and we will see you soon.a

In our thriving creative community, we aim to foster creativity, connection, and community for academics, writers, and thinkers. 

Mindful Scholar Community provides: 

  • Weekly writing sessions 

  • Centering exercises

  • Weekly accountability check-in

  • Mindset masterclasses and coaching

  • Workshops and themed writing sessions

  • Community of Writers and Thinkers who are doing purposeful work


By joining this thriving community

Be consistent
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This consistent practice allows the freedom to express yourself without inhibitions connecting you to your work and your self-identity.
You will create with confidence.
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You’re a writer. You’re a scholar. You’re a creative being. Many academics struggle to identify themselves as such. You will embrace your creative identities and gain confidence in your ability to contribute meaningfully to your academic and creative endeavors. This newfound empowerment extends beyond your work in this space; it fosters a positive mindset and resilience in the face of other life challenges. 
You will create with a community
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Connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for writing and creativity is essential for work that often feels isolating. The sense of community is a powerful motivator and source of support and encouragement. Within the community, you can collaborate, exchange ideas, share feedback, and celebrate each other’s unique perspectives. 
You will create while prioritizing your well-being
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You will learn strategies to consistently overcome the obstacles of fear, doubt, and imposter syndrome, make progress, and maintain momentum in your creative and academic work.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

I can tell you from experience that you can read all of the books, attend all of the courses, learn about all the writing techniques, and spend hours in front of the computer reading, writing, and researching, but if you don’t have people who you can connect with and don’t attend to the maintenance of the mind and the body, even the most accomplished people feel alone and unfulfilled, and that affects your work and what put into the world.

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Apply to join the Mindful Scholar to gain access to a community that gets you so you can create, connect, and make meaningful contributions. 

  • Weekly writing sessions 
  • Centering exercises
  • Weekly accountability check-in
  • Mindset Masterclasses and coaching
  • Workshops and themed writing sessions
  • Community of Writers and Thinkers who get you
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