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Podcast Banner Dr. Norrine Russell

Episode 9: Unveiling the Triumph Triad: A Journey through Neurodiverse Coaching with Dr. Norrine Russell

In a world filled with challenges, Dr. Norrine Russell shines as a source of inspiration, guiding students with unique strengths towards triumph. We delve into the heartwarming story of Dr. Russell's mission with Russell Coaching for Students. A Unique Coaching Adventure Dr. Russell's coaching journey is like no other. She's on a mission to help students…

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Podcast Banner Keondria McClish

Episode 8: The Art of Being You: Embracing Authenticity in Holiday Social Settings

Welcome to Sienna & Slate, where we celebrate the interconnected aspects of genius, resilience, scholarship, and overall well-being. In this special episode, we dive into the essence of authenticity, gratitude, and mindfulness, especially during the holiday season. Feeling Unfulfilled: A Common Experience We've all been there – surrounded by friends and festive cheer, yet feeling…

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