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Keondria McClish Boyd


Promoting success and well-being by empowering academics, scholars, and students to thrive and not merely survive in academia.

Academic wellness coaching, speaking, and consulting.

Research Project | Mental Health | Academic Goal Setting | Dealing with Fear| Overcoming Setbacks | Academic Networking| Next Steps

Keondria McClish Boyd’s story tells her journey of bouncing back from mental health and impostor syndrome struggles through graduate school to become an expert in Cultural Diversity, a Certified Family Life Educator, and one of the fastest rising academic wellness consultants. Sharing with students (and trainers) techniques to help improve their mental resilience, mental health, and well-being while navigating life in academia.

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Dr. Keo delivering Lecture

What you will learn:

Dr. Keo delivering Lecture

The program gives you the copybook strategies that I used to navigate graduate and postgraduate challenges to a successful career in academia, complete with support tools and resources.



Just what I needed

There’s never a perfect time for me to write. I have spent the last several weeks traveling with the expectation to carve out time to write. Well, that plan did not work out in a simplified manner. After taking a moment to refresh and rest I opened my beautiful journal to engage my thoughts. I wasn’t aware how powerful this moment would be as I began to glance through the pages and contents. Sienna and Slate’s Introspection Journal is just what I needed

Focus on the Writing

I’ve been using the journal to focus and advance my research as a new professional. I wish I had this resource as a graduate student. I love the prompts because I hate staring at a blank page thinking of what to write. I’ve even started a small journaling group with other writers to hold ourselves accountable.

I was so Overwhelmed

Over the summer, I took a qualitative research course and was so overwhelmed! Our class was introduced to journaling and that helped a lot. I recommend that every grad student keep a research journal --and of course, I love the Introspection Journal because it helps us write out frustrations and I especially love the pages for the Brain Dump. My advice for grad students is to work with your classmates in adding to their research and your own through conversation and comparing research journal notes.

A Place to Center Research

I strongly encourage students to use a research journal (I got the Introspection Journal). Utilizing a journal will allow you to have a place for periodic brain dumps as you center your research. Be sure to do a deep dive in your reading and be prepared to write, change course, and write again.

Research Journal

Utilize a research journal to articulate your ideals, goals, methods, and theories for your paper before you even begin writing. We appreciate Dr. McClish and her passion to help students like us work through the emotional and technical phases of research. Get the journal, it was worth it! Believe me.

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