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Storytelling in Motion: Your Epic Adventures Unleashed!

Hey there, ready for an exciting journey into the world of creativity? Come join us in a special place where your stories come alive, your voice shines, and your inner feelings take center stage.

We’ll meet up on Zoom. When you sign up, just pick the date you want, and you can even join us on more than one date if you like!

Secure your spot!

Let’s hang out every week for 1 hour and explore a cool adventure called ‘Storytelling in Motion: Your Epic Adventures Unleashed!‘ It’s like a secret clubhouse for your stories, where you get to share your thoughts, use your imagination, and have fun!

Each week, we’ll spend 1 hour together exploring all the cool stuff inside us. We’ll do fun activities, write in a special way, and even share with each other. It’s like a teamwork party where everyone’s ideas are welcome.

Storytelling in Motion Your Epic Adventures Unleashed Graphic
Storytelling in Motion Graphic

What to Expect:

We’re not doing school homework or official writing here. Nope, this is all about having fun and being creative. There’s no pressure or judging – just you having a blast with your imagination.

No fancy school degrees or writing skills needed. Just sign up, show up, and be a part of our friendly online gang every week.

Everyone’s invited!

Meet: Dr. Keondria McClish-Boyd

Dr. Keondria McClish-Boyd, owner of Sienna and Slate, author, embodied narrative coach, creative and scholar created Endarkened Narrative Inquiry (ENI) as a framework for understanding how marginalized voices and experiences can be seen and heard in the context of their own stories and identities. The vision for Sienna and Slate is to come together as a collective to bring awareness to academic well-being and discuss the interrelatedness of our identities, scholarship, and notions of resilience. All are welcome in this space. 

Portrait Keondria McClish

What's in Our Adventure Bag:

  • Fun things to do that make you think
  • Writing that helps you tell your own stories
  • Sharing your ideas with friendly folks

What You’ll Experience: 

  • You’ll discover how creative you are
  • You’ll love your own unique voice
  • You’ll learn more about yoursel

No need to be a writing pro – everyone’s welcome, from newbies to experts.

Workshop Details:

  • Starting in September
  • Just 1 hour each week
  • Happening online

Don’t miss out on this chance to explore and have fun with your creativity.

Secure Your Spot Now and get all the updates as we get ready to start.

If you want to chat or have questions, just reach out. Let’s have a blast on this creative journey together!

Interested in inviting me to join you on your journey? Have any questions?
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