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Finding Purpose in the Struggle: Dr. Nicholas D. Hartlep on Race, Faith, and Education

This episode of the Sienna and Slate podcast features Dr. Nicholas D. Hartlep, who chairs the Education Studies Department at Berea College. Dr. Hartlep discusses his journey as a person of color in academia and his experiences with battle fatigue.

Here are the key points:

  • Early Experiences of Race and Education: Dr. Hartlep discusses his personal experiences of being adopted and how they inform his scholarship on race and education.
  • The Path to Becoming an Educator: Initially interested in becoming a teacher, Dr. Hartlip pursued a Ph.D. and eventually a career in educational administration to continue the important work of equity, justice, and inclusion in education.
  • Battle fatigue in academia: As a person of color in a historically white institution, Dr. Hartlip discusses the challenges faced by faculty, the importance of institutional change, and the endurance required to keep working towards change.
  • Finding the right fit: Dr. Hartlep discusses how the institution’s environment significantly impacts the experience of faculty, especially faculty of color, and what we can do to make it more welcoming.

The episode explores the challenges faced by people of color in academia and Dr. Hartlep’s strategies for overcoming battle fatigue and staying motivated in the fight for equity and justice.

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Dr. Nicholas D. Hartlep

Connect with Dr. Nicholas Hartlep:

Dr. Nicholas D. Hartlep – YouTube

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