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Dr. Keondria Speaks at the Association of Leadership Educators Conference 2022

Dr. Keondria Speaks at the Association of Leadership Educators Conference 2022

Keondria McClish Boyd is a passionate voice for underestimated populations in the world of academia.

During this year’s Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) conference, dubbed Leadership in The Middle of Everywhere, Keondria was selected to guest speak. 

She joined other leaders to present keynotes on thematic issues around leadership as a support system for others, especially in diversity.

Leadership in Addressing Social and Environmental Injustice for Underestimated Groups

McClish spoke on how educators can care for themselves and others in unprecedented times. Her talk, Caring for Ourselves and Each Other During Unprecedented Times, explored the importance of self-reflection in achieving balance in life. 

The focus was on opportunities for leadership educators to consider introspection in light of wellness recharge.

For leadership educators, the call of stewardship is to recognize the burden placed on their shoulders to embrace self-care in all aspects of academia and as a way to support those who need it most. 

The underestimated students and communities face marginalization in many ways that affect how they show up and experience the world.

Dr. McClish Boyd’s talk shed light on the experiences of these historically marginalized communities and how all parties can create opportunities for everyone to thrive academically.

Check out the synopsis of her speech on the Association of Leadership Educators’ website.

ALE is a platform that helps people in fields considered leadership education, such as teaching in classrooms, youth development programs, private consulting, community development, or even training the military to strengthen and sustain their expertise. 

It offers extensive opportunities for professional leadership educators to consistently grow and thrive by networking in an inclusive, engaging community.

Since the first official ALE conference and annual meeting held in Denver, CO, in September 1991, it continues to engage academics and practitioners in the study of leadership education. The goal is to bridge the gap between practice and research with enlightening keynotes and contributions from leaders living out these concepts.

Through her work with educators and students, Dr. Keondria has seen first-hand how introspection can help people find their way in life and achieve their goals. She uses her practical experiences based on lessons she learned while navigating graduate school as a Black woman to facilitate others’ success in their academic journey.

McClish helps scholars and academics organize their thoughts and be accountable for their systematic goal achievement during coursework and research.

She is also an expert and articulate speaker on matters of leadership in diverse groups, mental health and finding your place in the world.

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