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Mindful Scholar for Academics and Creatives

Mindful Scholar will open its doors for registration soon.

Mindful Scholar is for academics who are frustrated that they are not creating consistently, lack confidence, are plagued by imposter syndrome, feel alone, and have compromised well-being.


The program is designed to overcome those hurdles so you can begin creating confidently and consistently, in the community while prioritizing your well-being.

  • You will create consistently.
  • You will create with confidence.
  • You will create with a community. 
  • You will create while prioritizing your well-being.


We offer a supportive space free of self-doubt, fear of judgment, and feelings of isolation. 

We want to create an intimate creative space, so spots are limited. 

Sign up here to be the first to hear when doors open AND get a special early-bird offer exclusively for those on the Waiting List. 

Meet Dr. Keondria McClish-Boyd

Portrait Keondria McClish

My name is Keondria McClish-Boyd, and I am a published author, embodied narrative coach, creative, and scholar.  And the founder of Sienna and Slate an academic well-being company that aims to prioritize our well-being while doing the work we love. This space is for you if you crave that sense of connection, creative flow, and a bit of loving accountability regardless of the work you are creating. 

Registration for the Mindful Scholar program will open soon. Get on the Waiting List now to be the first to hear and receive a special offer not available anywhere else!

Reserve your Spot Today!

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