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Share Your Academic Story

As many of us have navigated academia in our lifetime, it becomes evident that each of us has a unique journey filled with both triumphs and obstacles. 
Whether it’s overcoming academic stress, finding a balance between studies and personal life, or discovering yourself, your narrative can make a meaningful impact. Your authentic voice can contribute to the creation of a community that values well-being and resilience in academia.  
Here are some suggestions. Feel free to contribute outside of these suggestions and one or many stories. 

a. Facing of Challenges: overcoming significant obstacles on the academic journey (imposter syndrome, creative blocks, loneliness/isolation, discrimination and microaggressions, navigating relationships, financial hardships lack of belonging, leaving school and taking a detour, etc.) and showcasing resilience and determination.

b. Intersectionality and Identity:  cultural, gender, sexual orientation, etc., and the unique challenges and strengths

c. Mental Health and Well-being Practices: prioritizing mental health and well-being, sharing strategies and practices that have been effective in managing stress, and promoting a healthy academic life.

d. Community Building and Support Networks: the importance of building supportive communities, the impact of mentorship, peer support, student and faculty organizations, and allyship.

e. Cultural Celebrations: the role of cultural celebrations and inclusive practices within academic settings, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in one’s identity.

f. Advocacy and Activism

g. Successes and Achievements: academic achievements, personal milestones, and moments of pride 

h. Balance and Time Management: challenges of balancing academic responsibilities with personal life and effective time-management strategies employed by individuals.

i. Reflections on Personal Growth: personal growth and self-discovery throughout the academic journey, including lessons learned and evolving perspectives 

j. Institutional Support and Challenges: the role of academic institutions in supporting or hindering individuals, shedding light on areas for improvement.

k. Future Aspirations: hope and dreams of aspirations

Share Your Academic Story
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Meet Dr. Keondria McClish-Boyd

Portrait Keondria McClish

My name is Keondria McClish-Boyd, and I am a published author, embodied narrative coach, creative, and scholar.  And the founder of Sienna and Slate an academic well-being company that aims to prioritize our well-being while doing the work we love. This space is for you if you crave that sense of connection, creative flow, and a bit of loving accountability regardless of the work you are creating. 

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Thank you for contributing your story of your academic path.

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