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How to Not Give Up: 10 Effective Strategies

How to Not Give Up: 10 Effective Strategies

Are you about to give up because everything seems to spiral out of control? Perhaps you feel like a failure because you’ve been unable to accomplish your plans? It appears like you’ve done all you should, but your best seemed not just to be good enough? And that, my friend, you think is enough reason to quit?

Disappointments and failures have a way of crippling a person’s self-esteem and killing one’s passion for fulfilling dreams. Disappointments usually show up when you cannot meet someone’s expectations or things seem not to go as you wanted. Things could get pretty rough to the extent that your desire to continue dies off.

But there’s something that you need to know. Giving up doesn’t solve your problem. It is not the solution to difficulties and failure. On the contrary, quitting will ultimately set you on the path to regret. And that’s why you should resolve never to give up no matter how difficult and rough things may be on your way to success.

This article contains a list of 10 practical strategies on how to not give up. 

1. Never Forget Your Goals and the Reason for Which You Set Them

This is the most important tip on how not to give up. Remind yourself of your dreams. Think about why you wanted those things in the first place. Always ask yourself if it is worth giving up on those goals.

2. Develop the “I Can’t Quit” Mentality

Persistence and not quitting are a mindset. And it would be best if you adopted this mindset. Being persistent is one of the best strategies for not giving up. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer from a personality disorder – to refuse to give up. What you can do include:

You’ll ultimately forge ahead by learning not to give up until you achieve your goals.

3. Consider All the Sacrifices You’ve Made to Get to Where You Are Today

If you quit, then you would have wasted all the gifts you’ve made in the past to get to where you are today. Things will become more frustrating when you realize that it costs you a lot to fight for your dreams only to have them thrown away.

4. Remember Your Models and Those That Have Served as an Inspiration to You

Never forget your inspirations in life – your role models and loved ones – they will always encourage you to forge ahead. If you give up, you’ll be unable to fulfill your dreams. Will you let that happen?

5. Share your burden with someone who can help

This is one of the most underrated tips on how to not give up. So many people think they can have it figured out all by themselves. But then, you must release the weight of failure and discouragement off your chest. And the best way to do this is by opening up to someone you can lean on while trying to stand. Choose a trusted person – someone you know can encourage you.

6. Have It in Mind That Nothing Good Comes Easy

Diamonds are costly, but not many people know why. Diamonds are expensive not because they grow on trees but because you can only get them by digging them out of the deepest parts of the earth. 

The message here is to consider your dreams as precious gems. Of course, they are diamonds – so you shouldn’t be surprised why you need to do a lot of digging before having them.

7. Take a Break Occasionally

Take a break when you feel tired – but do not ever quit. Not quitting is crucial when learning how not to give up. 

You can always take a break from those things that stress or discourages you. For example, you may go on a vacation, relax, and take a chill pill. Then, once you’ve recovered, you continue from where you left.

8. Find Out if There’s an Alternative Means to Improve the Situation

Rather than get into a corner and sulk and hope the problems go away, why not seek solutions to improve things better. 

If you need help, approach the right people – many may be willing to help. While you may not be able to solve the problem completely, at least, you’ll be able to do something to fix it.

9. Laugh It Off

Laughing off the prevailing circumstance is one way to shake off frustration and anxiety. Laughing at the situation doesn’t mean you do not take them seriously. On the contrary, laughter is powerful enough to lighten your mood and burden. I dare say it is one of the best ways not to give up.

10. Never Hang Around With Negative People

Surround yourself with people with an “I can do” mindset – people who never give up. You will be inspired and encouraged by their optimistic view of life. You’ll also learn some effective stress-coping techniques from them.


It would help if you never stopped moving. Do not allow discouragements and disappointments to stop you from achieving your dreams. Yes, things may get hard on the way, but they continue to progress. Then, when you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll understand that it was all worth it.

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