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What Is a Research Journal?

What Is a Research Journal?

Shortly after I began my studies in one graduate program, I decided to switch programs for several reasons, but mainly because I did not have a sense of community or “belonging” as a graduate student. I did not feel as if I “belonged.” 

Many graduate students deal with this, some getting lost in the shuffle, others finding their tribe. I was lost in the shuffle. I had difficulty articulating what I needed as a graduate student because I didn’t know what I needed. 

I had to adjust my expectations after previous encounters with faculty and administrators. I had a hard time dealing with graduate school’s emotional and technical aspects as I trudged away at my dissertation in isolation. 

So, I began to journal what I was experiencing, the dynamic elements, and ideas about my study. It was evident that these two went hand in hand. That I could not separate who I was emotionally, physically, or spiritually from the research process and vice versa. So, this essentially became my research journal.

I’ve found my research journal immensely helpful. And in this article, I’ll share with you what is a research journal and why you should have one.

What Is a Research Journal?

A research journal is also known as a peer-reviewed article. It comes from a journal where peer reviewers browse through articles before they are published. A research journal provides updated and factual information on relevant topics.

Who Uses a Research Journal?

A research journal is used mainly by professionals in academia. However, undergraduate and graduate students also use research journals to understand and have first-hand knowledge of the happenings in their field of research.

What Do Research Journals Accomplish?

Research journals are designed to maintain a line of communication in a particular field of research. So, yes. And that’s why Californian researchers can read what’s happening in the same area of study at a Cleveland university.

Why Are Research Journals Necessary?

Research journals are essential because they help maintain the academic integrity of a particular field of research. When you have a journal that reviews research contributions to a specific area, all of your essential research will be filtered and given a place at the top, becoming more apparent to academicians who read these journals.

Types of Research Journals

“Brain and Behavioral Science” is one example of a research journal. It is a publication of the Cambridge University Press and deals with studies relating to the human brain and behavior. Most Brain and Behavioral Science articles are available online. 

Another example is “Nature.” It contains studies in the fields of science and technology. Both journals were updated in 2009 to include computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, and psychology studies.

What Is the Significance of a Research Journal?

Articles in research journals are written to keep readers informed about the most recent research in their field. This will prevent research repetition and support academics updated on the latest discoveries.

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