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Unafraid. Unfazed. Unapologetic. Motivations & Affirmations

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Being unafraid, unfazed, and unapologetic means you are in charge of your emotions, health, and purpose. Use this card deck daily, weekly, or as often as you need. Repeat each affirmation and listen to yourself (or someone else) saying it, focusing on the words as they leave your mouth. As you say them, believe them to be true.

These cards change your life not because they are magical, but because you are magic.

You are what you think, and what you think you become.

Become the authentic version of yourself.

Card size: 2.75 x 4.75

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1 review for Unafraid. Unfazed. Unapologetic. Motivations & Affirmations

  1. Kristie

    also wanted to let you know that I have three student workers and each day they come in to see what our affirmation is: today’s – I honor myself and live purposefully, unafraid, unfazed, and unapologetic. Your work is a daily constant in my life and I appreciate your vision and how it centers me.

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