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Podcast Banner Dr. Norrine Russell

Episode 9: Unveiling the Triumph Triad: A Journey through Neurodiverse Coaching with Dr. Norrine Russell

In a world filled with challenges, Dr. Norrine Russell shines as a source of inspiration, guiding students with unique strengths towards triumph. We delve into the heartwarming story of Dr. Russell's mission with Russell Coaching for Students. A Unique Coaching Adventure Dr. Russell's coaching journey is like no other. She's on a mission to help students…

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Podcast Banner Keondria McClish

Episode 8: The Art of Being You: Embracing Authenticity in Holiday Social Settings

Welcome to Sienna & Slate, where we celebrate the interconnected aspects of genius, resilience, scholarship, and overall well-being. In this special episode, we dive into the essence of authenticity, gratitude, and mindfulness, especially during the holiday season. Feeling Unfulfilled: A Common Experience We've all been there – surrounded by friends and festive cheer, yet feeling…

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Podcast Banner Sharon McDougal

Episode 7:Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Stories of Trailblazers in the Space Program

In this captivating episode, I have the pleasure of sharing space with Sharon McDougal, an extraordinary individual who has made history at NASA. Sharon holds the distinction of being the first black woman to serve as a spacesuit technician, crew chief, and space shuttle crew escape equipment process, department manager. Her achievements are truly remarkable.…

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Podcast Banner Mackenzie Morrow

Episode 6: Embracing Authenticity and Balancing Life – A Journey of Creativity and Wellness

Welcome to another captivating episode of Sienna & Slate! This week, we are joined by the immensely talented music artist, Mackenzie Morrow, hailing from the heart of South Carolina. In this inspiring discussion, Mackenzie takes us on a transformative journey through her creative process, revealing the true essence of authenticity and the healing power of…

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Podcast Banner Kerry Connelly

Episode 4: Unveiling the Layers: Exploring the Intersection of Identity, Imagination, and Education with Kerry Connelly

In this captivating episode of our podcast, we embark on an incredible journey with Kerry Connelly, a scholar, author, podcaster, blogger, and spiritual worker deeply dedicated to justice, spirituality, and their intersection. Join us as we dive into Kerry's transformative odyssey, marked by pivotal moments, transformative encounters, and an unyielding quest for understanding. A Spark…

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