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Crossing the Race Line with Dr. Melvin Murphy & Lukas Velush

This episode features Dr. Keo in conversation with Dr. Melvin Murphy and Lukas Velush about their book, “Crossing the Race Line: One Murder, Two Strangers, and a Journey to Healing and Change.”

The Spark of Connection:

  • The conversation begins by introducing Melvin and Lukas, who met while working at Microsoft.
  • The book’s backstory emerges from the murder of George Floyd and the global response.

A Turning Point:

  • Lukas describes the emotional turmoil following George Floyd’s death and the pressure he felt as a white person navigating conversations about race.
  • Melvin, one of the few Black people at his workplace, highlights the constant burden Black people face in such situations.
  • In a pivotal moment, Dr. Murphy flips the script, asking Lukas how he’s doing instead of the other way around.

From Discomfort to Dialogue:

  • Dr. Murphy’s act of turning the tables opens a door for deeper conversation.
  • Lukas, a writer by training, starts processing his emotions by writing a letter to Dr. Murphy.
  • The letter explores Lucas’s privilege, inaction, and desire to be a meaningful ally.
  • Listen to this episode to explore the exchanges Dr. Murphy and Lukas had and see how their story unfolds.  

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Dr. Melvin Murphy & Lukas Velush
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