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Episode 3:Embracing Imperfection and Creating Space for Creative Connection with Justine Hwang

At  Sienna and Slate, I aspire to engage in meaningful conversations with inspiring individuals who are making a difference in the world. I am thrilled to have Justine Hwang a social impact calligrapher and creative workshop host, as my guest. Justine’s work revolves around creating spaces that foster vulnerability, self-expression, and meaningful connections. Join us as we explore the transformative power of embracing imperfection and the importance of building creative communities.

Embracing Imperfection and Creating Safe Spaces

Justine shares her personal journey and the pivotal moments that led her to embrace imperfection. She emphasizes the importance of creating safe spaces for creative expression, where individuals can freely explore their artistic potential without fear of judgment. Through her work, Justine aims to empower others to embrace vulnerability and find strength in their unique journeys.

The Significance of Community Support

Our conversation shifts towards the significance of community support in the creative process. Justine discusses how connecting with others who share similar passions can inspire personal growth and foster a sense of belonging. We delve into the power of looking at others’ work with a supportive and appreciative mindset, recognizing that each person’s creative journey is unique and valuable.

Overcoming Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be a significant obstacle in the creative journey. Justine shares her insights on overcoming perfectionism and cultivating curiosity and self-compassion instead. We discuss the transformative impact of embracing imperfection and how it opens doors to new possibilities and unique expressions of individuality.

Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

Inspiration can be found in the simplest of moments. Justine encourages us to seek inspiration in everyday experiences, whether it’s through conversations, books, movies, or mundane activities. By being present and open to the lessons and metaphors present in our surroundings, we can infuse creativity into our daily lives and unlock new avenues for self-expression.

Showcasing Justine’s Art and Impact

We take a moment to showcase Justine’s beautiful calligraphy pieces on her Instagram page and the impact she is making through her social impact calligraphy and workshops. Her art reflects her vision of creating connections and fostering a sense of togetherness. I invite you to explore Justine’s work and witness firsthand the transformative power of embracing imperfection and vulnerability.

My conversation with Justine Hwang highlights the importance of embracing imperfection and creating spaces for vulnerability and creativity. I invite you to tune in to this inspiring episode on Sienna and Slate and join us in embracing imperfection, nurturing our creative potential, and forging meaningful connections. Let’s celebrate the beauty of our unique journeys and the transformative power of creative expression.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a supportive creative community and discover the joy of embracing imperfection.

Tune in to Sienna and Slate for this unforgettable episode and join the conversation today!

Key takeaways:

  • Introducing the importance of community and support systems in combating isolation and self-doubt
  • Navigating perfectionism and vulnerability, and the role of self-awareness in personal growth
  • Exploring the interconnection of academia and creative work and breaking free from self-imposed limitations
  • Finding inspiration in everyday experiences and recognizing the metaphors in our surroundings
  • Embracing imperfection and its potential for growth, self-discovery, and unique expressions
  • The power of vulnerability and compassionate communication in fostering connections
  • the impact art has on relationships
  • Reflecting on the transformative power of embracing imperfection and fostering vulnerability and connection

Connect with Justine:

Justine Hwang is an artist, facilitator, and mental health advocate. As a burnout survivor with 20 years of experience in leadership and spiritual development in the non-profit start-up world, she is passionate about empowering compassionate doers to build a sustainable life with intention, so they can impact their world from a full heart.

After burning out from a life of saying yes to everything, in her recovery, she tapped into the healing power of community and rediscovered the therapeutic nature of her childhood love of calligraphy. As the founder of It Just Flows, she loves hosting workshops teaching creative tools for mindfulness, where she holds a relaxed and collaborative space for people to connect with their hearts, with others, and with the community.

Justine is passionate about crafting talks and facilitating workshop experiences that are encouraging and transformative. She also coaches creatives on how to share their passion and increase their impact by hosting engaging workshops that resonate with and build a community of connected fans.




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